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Having Trouble laying out your job??

Here is a sample listing that might help you fit everything GREAT about your company in, and attract the best talent for your position!  This is your chance to shine!

Your Headline/Tagline Here!

Make sure you highlight some key information about your company!

Tell Candidates about your recent achievements, awards, community involvement or maybe just things you are proud of!

Position Title

Summarize the job description; highlight 2 or 3 key objectives.


  • Layout the key responsibilities and tasks
  • Highlight what role the candidate can expect to play in the position
  • Summarize who the candidate would report to
  • Are there fiscal responsibilities?


  • Explain what Education you require for the opening, minimums required, certifications, degrees, diplomas etc.
  • Languages required
  • Highlight essential and non-essential skills
  • Discuss any training that would be an asset.


What sets your company apart?

Why should people want to work for you?

You can Highlight Benefits:

  • Health Insurance
  • RRSP’s
  • Flex Days
  • What else do you offer???

How to Apply:

All applications should be sent to: Jane Doe, HR Manager by clicking Apply for Job button below.

(By NOT including an email in the job body posting, you will reduce spam to your email. For your convenience and the job seekers; we have added an APPLY FOR JOB button that will appear under all postings. The email you use here can be any email you like)

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