Originally Published; April 8, 2015

Can Social Media Influence What People Think of You?

We have become a Social Media society.  Births, Deaths, make-ups, break-ups, kids, contests, statistic & news.  It all comes from our computers or devices and most of us take it for it’s word.  When was the last time you picked up a newspaper..an actual newspaper!?

So with all these ways to communicate, is it possible to over-share??

I think so.  Hiring managers will be looking you up, and whether you think you have kept your online persona personal, it really isn’t.  Go ahead, Google yourself, I bet there are things on there you never thought you would see.  Old high school pictures, posts, links to articles on companies you may have previously been associated with.  The list goes on.

So where do we draw the line?  What should be personal and what should be professional?  It can seem daunting, but here are some of the best tips and ideas I have come across, that have stuck with me;

Never Have Regrets – don’t be so quick on the click; take the time to read things you link others too, make sure you are posting things you champion.

Happy Hour Hatred – sometimes you don’t need to post a picture of that last pint; we all blow off steam, but if every post is you at a pub, what image are you portraying?

Don’t Be Debbie Downer – it can’t be all bad all the time! Don’t forget to share the positive and happy times in your life too!

Choose Your Friends Wisely – your mother already told you this; take her advice.  Maybe you don’t need to be “friends” with everyone you work with.  There are professional networking sites for business relationships.

International (Wo)Man of Mystery – some things should be left out; not everyone needs or wants to know your cat died, or that you had too many glasses of wine last night, or that you broke up with whats her(his) name. Save some things for just you.

Remember that all things internet, never go away.  Start cleaning up your social media, make sure your privacy settings are set correctly, restrict who can see you.  Always conduct yourself online like your Grandmother is reading it!

© Copyright Nikki Biehn  – Alberta Building Careers 2015